Caribbean Travel and Life

Wondering where to go? In the Caribbean travel and life, that is no big problem. Just scroll down below to find whatever it is you are looking for – balmy weather, clear blue skies, glorious seas, luxurious lodgings, fine food, sports, sights, entertainment, even lazy days for lovers, all under the warmth of the Caribbean sun.

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Well, it’s a bit difficult to describe the Caribbean in geographic terms. Just know that the region is actually a group of islands, territories, and countries located just south and east of the Gulf of Mexico and right in the middle of the Caribbean Sea. The following are the islands that are favorite Caribbean travel and life destinations since time immemorial:

Anguilla Antigua and Barbuda Aruba The Bahamas Belize Barbados Bermuda Bonaire British Virgin Islands Cancun Cayman Islands Cozumel Cuba Curacao Dominica Dominican Republic Grenada Guyana Guadeloupe Haiti Honduras Jamaica Martinique Montserrat Puerto Rico Saba and St. Eustatius St. Barthelemy St. Kitts-Nevis St. Lucia St. Maarten and St. Martin St. Vincent and the Grenadines Trinidad and Tobago Turks and Caicos Island U.S. Virgin Islands


There are many exciting activities available to you throughout the Caribbean. In fact, this is one of the reason why Caribbean travel and life is so popular among visiting tourists. Because when you are on the islands, it doesn’t matter who or what you are – the islands always have something to offer for everyone.

Caribbean travel and life offer all-inclusive resorts where you can enjoy everything for a single price. One of the popular places that offer all-inclusive Caribbean travel and life is Sandals, located in the Castries area of the Caribbean Island of St. Lucia.

The resort offers two properties – St. Lucia Regency Golf Resort and Spa, a couples-only resort of over 200 acres of rolling hills and a beautiful half-mile beach, and the Sandals Halcyon, another couples-only resort. Sandals Caribbean travel and life all-inclusive packages are geared towards awesome beaches, a great scuba-diving program, water sports, and fitness centers.

If you like casino gaming, Caribbean travel and life offers you that as well. Head on over to Belize, Puerto Rico, Jamaica where the groovy beats of the island makes for an excellent island-flavored nightlife. Play a game of chance and feel like you’re in Las Vegas as you pit fortunes with the house and maybe win a few chips here and there over a round of roulette. Then quench your thirst with a few glasses of sparklies as you laugh and talk and socialize to your heart’s content.

Besides fun and socializing, Caribbean travel and life also offers you a chance to get closer to nature. The Caribbean offers several eco-tourism where a guide takes you into the deepest rainforest reservoir where you can experience first hand some of the rarest and oldest species of flora and fauna found on earth.

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There is an excessive amount of traffic coming from your Region.


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Commercial Property Marketing – Advertising Strategies That Work for Leasing Tenancies

When it comes to advertising a commercial or retail property for lease, it is the strategies you adopt today as a real estate agent that will make all the difference to the end result rent and the time on market for the client. The most successful completed leases today are generally the result of a dedicated exclusive listing agency, focused marketing campaign, and a hard working real estate agent.

Open Listings are a Waste of Time

Open listings are generally a waste of time for the agent and for the client. Open listings are a simple ‘list and hope’ process; they are simply not marketed well or consistently. The client gets little feedback or special service during the listing time; given that the client is not serious, it is hard for the agent to be serious in the marketing of the property. Surprisingly and generally the client that chooses this ‘open’ process of listing is hoping for the very best service but then soon gets upset when little action or feedback occurs. Commercial property is not a small value investment; it demands the best strategies and initiatives when it comes to leasing.

Exclusive Listings are Best

So let’s assume you can get the vacant property or tenancy on an exclusive listing basis. From that point onwards you can structure a dedicated marketing and advertising campaign that taps into the right tenant segment of the local business community. This is the best solution for every property owner and landlord when they have a vacancy factor or problem to address.

Advertising a Vacant Tenancy

Advertising commercial or retail premises for lease is quite a special process. In most cases the tenant that you need and find will come from the existing local business community. On that basis all or most (75%) of your marketing efforts should be directed into the local business precinct. You should define the following:

The primary market – this is where you will get 75% of your enquiry from
The secondary market – this is where you will get the remaining 25% of your enquiry from
To tap into the local business precinct the best advertising campaign should include:

Flyers to be delivered to all businesses locally
Advertising in the local newspaper that is read by the business community
Talk to tenants in other properties nearby
Internet listing on a number of sites regionally
A signboard on the property that can be clearly seen by passing foot and vehicle traffic
Other tenants in the same building may know of other tenants wanting to come into the area
Other tenants in the same building may want to relocate or expand premises
Direct mail to all local businesses that match the target criteria
Direct telephone calls to all the local businesses that match the target criteria
These strategies of advertising vacant premises do not and should not come with an open listing. They are the specialised services of a dedicated real estate agent that is appointed exclusively to act for a landlord on leasing the vacant premises. I am sure you can see what power an exclusive listing brings the landlord in solving their property problem.

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